Hi there! My name is Reed Larsen! I am a young professional, dedicated to my values, and striving for a principled life.

I am many things; entrepreneur, consultant, partner, traveller, teacher, artist, photographer, activist, other.

I am based in Alberta Canada. I go back and forth from Edmonton and Calgary on a weekly basis, however, home base is in the Garneau area of Edmonton. I’ve been a public figure at the University of Alberta and nearly a decade of my life has been spent on campus.

I have a laundry list of skills and a bucket of abilities. I can build a house from top to bottom, design websites, shoot and edit media, code and piece together drones, give a killer speech, run campaigns, occasionally do data analysis; I truly think of myself as a modern handyman. If you want to know more, check out my resume, or fire me a me a message.

I have any number of contributors to my projects, check out the work page for more!